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Placement Record

Kristina GushchinaExpert Data Scientist at DHLDotoral Researcher2020
Dennis AbelResearch associate at the German Federal Agency for Nature ConservationDoctoral Researcher2020
Sarah BerensAssist. Prof. for Political Economy University of InnsbruckPost-Doc2020
Oliver KleinData Scientist at 1&1Post-Doc2020
Florian FastenrathPostdoc at the Insitute for Socioeconomics, Duisburg-EssenDoctoral Researcher/ Post-Doc2019
Armin MertensData Scientist at Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW)Doctoral Researcher2019
Agnes JanssenData Scientist at Gothaer InsuranceDoctoral Researcher/ Post-Doc2019
Kristina OpheyBlue Book Trainee European Commission, Secretariat General (SG)Doctoral Researcher2019
Paula ScholemannFreelancerDoctoral Researcher2019
Christopher WratilLecturer / Assistant Professor in European Politics at University College LondonPost-Doc2019
Leon KanthakAdviser (Referent) in the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Integration and Consumer Protection in the State of BrandenburgDoctoral Researcher2019
Philip GrossHochschulbibliothekszentrum (HBZ)Doctoral Researcher2019
Dennis SpiesProfessor at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf Doctoral Researcher/ Post-Doc2019
Paul BeckmannData Scientist at REWE GroupDoctoral Researcher2019
Sabine HavericScientific Coordinator of the GESIS Summer School in Survey MethodologyDoctoral Researcher2018
Michael KoßProfessor at Leuphana University, LüneburgPost-Doc2018
Christine MaevisSpecialist for European youth policy at Jugend für EuropaResearch Assistant2018
Wiebke BreustedtResearch Assistant at ZHQE, University Duisburg EssenDoctoral Researcher2017
Nawid HoshmandData Scientist at UnitymediaDoctoral Researcher2017
Laura Cabeza Pérez Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute, Fiesole and FlorenzDoctoral Researcher2017
Irnina EspañaAssistant Professor at University EAFIT, Medellín Doctoral Researcher2016
Jui Jen PengAdjunct Assistant Professor at Soochow University, TaiwanDoctoral Researcher2016
Filippo RealePost-Doc at Goethe-University, Frankfurt am MainDoctoral Researcher2016
Annika WederhakeERP Consultant at Mach AGDoctoral Researcher2016
Vanessa DrägerSenior Advisor at KPMG LuxembourgDoctoral Researcher2015
Till Martin KaesbachOffice manager of the Federal Minister of HealthDoctoral Researcher2015
Conrad ZillerPostdoctoral Researcher at the Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology, University of CologneDoctoral Researcher2015
Gülay SağırlıEmployee for research development at the Ruhr University, BochumDoctoral Researcher2014
Sebastian SewerinSenior Researcher at ETH ZürichDoctoral Researcher2014
Gregor ZonsResearch fellow and lecturer at Heinrich-Heine-University DüsseldorfDoctoral Researcher2014
Ulrich GlassmannProfessor at the International Institut of Management and Economic Education at the Europe University, FlensburgPost-Doc2013
Saskia P. Ruth-Lovell Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science at Radboud University in Nijmegen, NLDoctoral Researcher2013
André SchaffrinScientific director of EnAHRgie and Scientist at European Academy of Technology and Innovation Assessment (EA) Doctoral Researcher2013
Christina ZuberAssistant Professor at the University of KonstanzDoctoral Researcher2013
Andreas KammerManager Transfer Pricing at PwC GermanyDoctoral Researcher2012
Jörn FischerAdvisor at GIZDoctoral Researcher2011
Annika HennlLector for Social ScienceDoctoral Researcher2011
Simon Franzmann Interim Professor at University of SiegenPost-Doc2009
Anita BreuerConsultant with Technopolis Group GermanyDoctoral Researcher2008
Jan BielaConsultant with Technopolis Group GermanyDoctoral Researcher2007
Simone BurkhartHead of Divison Scholarship Policies and Financial Support at DAADDoctoral Researcher2007
Niels EhlertRisk AnalystDoctoral Researcher2006
Annette PrzygodaSenior Economist for the Government of British Columbia, CanadaDoctoral Researcher2006
Claudia HofmannSr Professorial Lecturer at American University, Washington D.C.Doctoral Researcher2006
Daniela Jäger-BielaResearch Associate at the Department of Education and Social Sciences at the University of CologneDoctoral Researcher
Eric SeilsHead of Unit at Hans Böckler StiftungDoctoral Researcher