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New article published in British Journal of Political Science

Sven-Oliver Proksch with Bruno Castanho Silva (FU Berlin) and Lennart Schürmann on "Modulation of Democracy: Partisan Communication During and After Election Campaigns".


Castanho Silva, B., Schürmann, L., & Proksch, S. (2023). Modulation of Democracy: Partisan Communication During and After Election Campaigns. British Journal of Political Science, 1-16. doi:10.1017/S0007123423000169



It is well known that politicians speak differently when campaigning. The shadow of elections may affect candidates' change in tone during campaigns. However, to date, we lack a systematic study of the changes in communication patterns between campaign and non-campaign periods. In this study, we examine the sentiment expressed in 4.3 million tweets posted by members of national parliaments in the EU27 from 2018 to 2020. Our results show that (1) the opposition, even populists and Eurosceptics, send more positive messages during campaigns, (2) parties trailing in the polls communicate more negatively, and (3) that the changes are similar in national and European elections. These findings show the need to look beyond campaign times to understand parties' appeals and highlight the promises of social media data to move beyond traditional analyses of manifestos and speeches.