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Just published: How did Immigrant Voters Vote at the 2017 Bundestag Election? First Results from the Immigrant German Election Study (IMGES)

The Immigrant German Election Study 2017 is the first electoral study that allows precise estimates about the behaviour of Immigrant Voters at a German federal election. It is funded by the German Research Foundation. The Principal Investigators are Achim Goerres (University of Duisburg-Essen) and Dennis Spies (University of Cologne) with Sabrina J. Mayer as the project manager based in Duisburg. The field work was commissioned to infas Bonn.
About 500 Germans from the former Soviet Union (1st and 2nd immigrant generation, abbrev. DRUS) and 500 Germans of Turkish descent (1st and 2nd generation, abbrev. DTUR) were randomly selected from all resident members of these groups in Germany by a multi-stage sampling procedure (random sample of local districts – random sample of residents – classification of residents according to their name and other information – screening interview – full interview). The face-to-face study was conducted directly after the federal election from 2nd of October until 3rd of December 2017. This is the first brief from a series of outputs.

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