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New article published in Social Policy & Administration

Christine Trampusch on "Including Migrant Skills in a Knowledge Economy: The Politics of Recognition of Foreign…

New article published in The Journal of Politics

Dominik Duell with Lea Kaftan, Sven-Oliver Proksch, Jonathan Slapin, and Christopher Wratil on "Communicating the Rift:…

New article published in Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties

Jens Wäckerle on "The end of the all-male party? Voter preferences for gender representation in political parties"

Cologne Political Science Workshop

Showcase the diversity and quality of research in comparative politics and political economy being produced in Cologne

Inspection of Exams/Klausureinsichten

Inspections of written exams / Institute of Political Science

New article published in Legislative Studies Quarterly

Schwalbach, Jan in "Talking to the Populist Radical Right: A Comparative Analysis of Parliamentary Debates"

New article published in Sage Journals

Ingo Rohlfing with David Kühn on "Do Quantitative and Qualitative Research Reflect two Distinct Cultures? An Empirical…

Dates of written exams at the CCCP (Summer term 2022)

Dates of written exams at the CCCP (Summer term 2022)

ECONtribute Discussion Paper No. 170

Bruno Castanho Silva, Jens Wäckerle and Christopher Wratil on "Determinants of Public Opinion Support for a Full …

New article published in Journal of Experimental Political Science

Bruno Castanho Silva with Fabian Guy Neuner and Christopher Wratil on "Populism and Candidate Support in the US: The…