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New Article published in Latin American Politics and Society

Melina Altamirano with Sarah Berens and Franziska Deeg on "Varieties of Economic Vulnerability:

Evidence on Social…

New Article published in IBF Paper Series, Conference Papers

Michael Schwan with Mark Cassell on „Sparkassen revisited. The resiliency of German savings banks between globalization…

New Article published in Journal of Experimental Political Science

Michael Bechtel with William O’Brochta and Margit Tavits on "Can Policy Responses to Pandemics Reduce Mass Fear?"

New Article published in Journal of Common Market Studies

Jan Schwalbach with Kristina Ophey on "‘Bigger’ after all? The Effect of Structural Policy Coordination Authorities on…

New Article published in Legislative Studies Quarterly.

Lennart Schürmann with Sebastian Stier on "Who Represents the Constituency? Online Political Communication by Members of…

Danielle Pullan in SG of Max Planck PhDnet

Danielle Pullan elected to the steering group of the Max Planck PhDnet

International PROTEUS Simulation Exercise 2022

Open for Applications now.

Gerhard-Fürst-Preis 2021 for David Kläffling

David Kläffling has received the Gerhard-Fürst-Preis 2021

New Article in European Journal of Political Research

Jens Wäckerle with Christopher Wratil on "Majority representation and legitimacy"

Michael Bechtel joins the CCCP as Professor of Political Economy

Michael Bechtel joins the ECONtribute Cluster of Excellence, the Institute of Political Science and European Affairs and…