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New article published in Journal of European Public Policy

Leonce Röth with Friederieke Roemer and Malisa Zobel on "Policymaking on immigrant welfare rights: the populist and the…

New article published in JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies

Leonce Röth on "After Merkel – The 2021 German Election and its Implications for European Union Politics"

New article published in European Political Science Review

Leonce Röth with Dennis Spies and Alexander Schmidt-Catran on "From immigration over redistributive attitudes to welfare…

New article published in Mediterranean Politics

Düzgün Arslantaş and Şenol Arslantaş on "Populism and crisis: Evidence from the periphery of Europe"

New article published in International Area Studies Review

Düzgün Arslantaş and Şenol Arslantaş on "Clientelism, partisanship, and ideology"

New article published in Political Analysis

Hauke Licht on "Cross-Lingual Classification of Political Texts Using Multilingual Sentence Embeddings"

Inaugural Lecture by Michael Bechtel

Michael M. Bechtel held his Inaugural Lecture on "Why Are We Underprepared? Democracy, Sustainability, and Long-Term…

New article published in Legislative Studies Quarterly

Jens Wäckerle and Bruno Castanho Silva on "Distinctive Voices: Political Speech, Rhetoric, and the Substantive…

New article published in Party Politics

Düzgün Arslantaş with Şenol Arslantaş on "From “permanent opposition” to the “power”: Anti-systemic parties in Turkey"

New article published in Legislative Studies Quarterly

Lennart Schürmann on "Do competitive districts get more political attention? Strategic use of geographic representation…