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New article published in Political Studies

Apathy or Anger? How Crime Experience Affects Individual Vote Intention in Latin America and the Caribbean

Inspection of Exams/Klausureinsichten

Inspections of written exams / Institute of Political Science

New publication by Jan Sauermann

Jahrbuch für Handlungs- und Entscheidungstheorie, Band 11

New Article published in Political Analysis

Testing the Validity of Automatic Speech Recognition for Political Text Analysis

Information on CCCP courses for the upoming summer term online

Summer 2019

International PROTEUS Simulation Exercise 2019


Open for Applications now.

Now available in print: Article published in European Journal of Political Economy

The influence of group size on distributional fairness under voting by veto

Introduction to R Workshop

Introduction to R Workshop by Flavio Azevedo

New Article published in Revue Française des Science Politiques

New article by Christine Trampusch and Bruno Palier

"How Populist Are You" quiz by the The Guardian co-developed by Bruno Castanho Silva

"How Populist Are You" quiz on the website of The Guardian co-developed by Bruno Castanho Silva