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Now via Zoom -Introduction to R workshop - Spring 2020

CCCP - Introduction to R

New Publication in Asian Journal of Comparative Politics

"How does clientelism foster electoral dominance? Evidence from Turkey" by Düzgün Arslantaş, Şenol Arslantaş

Presentation of Paper at the Online Peace Science Colloquium

"Conflict or Crime? How victimization shapes preferences for public goods provision in Liberia" by Sarah Berens and…

New Article in New Perspectives on Turkey

“Keeping power through opposition: party system change in Turkey” by Düzgün Arslantaş, Şenol Arslantaş

General information on the current situation (including summer term and office hours)

The WiSo-Faculty will be starting lecture operation as planned on April 6, 2020 with online teaching formats. To keep…

Inspection of Exams/Klausureinsichten

Inspections of written exams / Institute of Political Science

New Article in Latin American Politics & Society

"Opting for Exit: Informalization, Social Policy Discontent, and Lack of Good Governance" by Sarah Berens

New Article in Journal of International Social Work

"Rescaling social care services: The case of district municipalities in Istanbul" by Elifcan Celebi

Curriculum 4.0 Grant

The project „Praktische und analytische Digitalkompetenzen für Politikwissenschaftlerinnen und Politikwissenschaftler“…

CCCP Workshop: Call for Applications

International workshop on “International and Comparative Political Economy” on November 26-27, 2020