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US-Wahl 2020: Kölner Politikwissenschaftler beleuchten wichtige Aspekte

Statements zur US-Präsidentschaftswahl 2020

Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Chitralekha Basu, PhD

The Making of Public Opinion and Implications for Electoral Representation

New Publication in Socio-Economic Review

"Financial officers, the municipal swap industry and the rise of risky innovations among states" by Agnes Janssen

New publication in American Political Science Review

“Fake It ‘Til You Make It: A Natural Experiment to Identify European Politicians’ Benefit from Twitter Bots” by Bruno…

New publication in Review of International Political Economy

“Financialization of, not by the state: exploring changes in the management of public debt and assets across Europe” by…

New Publication in Political Communication

“Biased Representation of Politicians in Google and Wikipedia Search? The Joint Effect of Party Identity, Gender…

Information on CCCP courses for the upoming winter term online

Winter semester 2020/2021 - Inform you now!

New Publication in New Political Economy

“Weathering the Storm? Financialisation and German Savings Banks” by Michael Schwan

Workshop "Hack your Future!": Registration Open

Datascience Workshop for Female High School Students

New Publication in Social Choice and Welfare Journal

„The effects of communication on the occurrence of the tyranny of the majority under voting by veto“ by Jan Sauermann