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Elifcan Celebi on "Paradigmatic Change in Gendered Labor Market Policies in Turkey"

in (Ed. Dr. Ulla Weber): Fundamental Questions: Gender Dimensions in Max Planck Projects. Nomos 2021.

Celebi, Elifcan. 2021. “Paradigmatic Change in Gendered Labor Market Policies in Turkey” in (Ed. Dr. Ulla Weber) Fundamental Questions: Gender Dimensions in Max Planck Projects. Nomos.

Abstract of chapter:
This article examines the question of how gender-related labor policy in Turkey has changed during the AKP government since the early 2000s. The focus is primarily on understanding the changing direction of public policies and institutional amendments in Turkey under the AKP government from 2002 to 2017. The findings reveal a paradigmatic change in the labor policies targeted at women. New policies are characterized by protecting and prioritizing the family, while introducing precarious flexible female labor to the market. The research contributes to the literature by providing a link between policy studies and gender research.

Abstract of book:
For the first time, the Max Planck Society is publishing an anthology on gender research, "Fundamental Questions". Thanks to the broad spectrum of disciplines and cultures represented in the Research Association, the authors, who come from various institutes, present their findings in numerous fields of research: law, art history, history of science, neuroscience and computer science. The approaches, topics, issues and methodology of the collected contributions are equally diverse. This diversity shows in the best possible way that the integration of the gender perspective is beneficial not only for applied science and development, but also for basic research. With contributions by Dr. Laura A. Bechthold, Elifcan Celebi, Dr. Marina Chugunova, Dr. Luisa Stella de Oliveira Coutinho Silva, Svenja Friess, Ph.D. Giorgia Gastaldon, Dr. Lisa Hanstein, Dr. Philine Helas, Prof. Karin Hoisl, Ph.D. Michael E. Rose, Esra Sarioglu, Isabel Valera and Dr. Ulla Weber.