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Brief portrait

Hello, I am a research fellow at the Cologne Center for Comparative Politics where I have been working on my Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of Professor André Kaiser and Professor Ingo Rohlfing. With passion I continue to study the causal mechanisms and timing of reforms in political finance regulation in Europe. The first part of my PhD thesis, devoted to party finance regulation and the project of GRECO (Group of States against Corruption), has been awarded with the Peter Mair Party Politics Prize in 2015. Meanwhile I have developed the indices, measuring the regulation of conflict of interest and regulation of political finance across countries and over time. In that work I benefited a lot from my cooperation with Prof. Nicole Bolleyer. Now I am working on a paper dealing with the reforms in party finance regulation in Norway and a manuscript explaining the evolution of party finance regulation and its effects in Russia.

Currently, I am on a research stay in the EUI, Italy.

At different times I have benefited a lot from my studies, research stays and work at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf (Germany), University of Konstanz (Germany), University of Vienna (Austria), Exeter University (the United Kingdom) as well as in the European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium) and in the Russian Parliament Duma (Moscow). During my studies I have benefited a lot from the financial support of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. I am very grateful for this support.

My particular research interests include

  • regulation of political finance, regulation of parties and conflict of interest
  • policy change, rational choice, institutionalism
  • methods in comparative political studies, esp. index-building, nested analysis, case studies
  • politics in Russia, Germany and Norway